Healthy Food

What is my 3F signature nutrition (TM) program? This program works for all body types and ages. It's simple to follow, and easy to plan and manage. No tracking, or counting, just looking at the right portion size for your body. 

Here's how it works. Your days during the week are broken into either Fierce, Fabulous, or Fit.


Each "F" has a different type of nutritional programming. 

For example someone's plan may consist of having four Fierce days, two Fabulous days,  and only one Fit day. While another client may have two Fierce days, three fabulous days, and two Fit days. The different types of days in your program is all determined by your body composition goals. 

 As you start meeting your goals, the type of days will change so the plan will never get old or boring.  

If you would like a FREE consultation just fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch. 

(Note: My 3F nutrition program is ONLY available with my monthly group coaching. If you are only looking for nutrition support, I offer that as well, but you will follow a different program.)