Keep It Real!

Here’s something that absolutely drives me crazy.

It’s been going on forever, and I suppose it will never stop.

But I can’t help myself. I’ve got to tell you.

It angers me to see ads for “miracle” products that promise easy weight loss without any exercise or dieting – a miracle pill or a magic cleanse or an exotic herb …


It’s hard to believe people fall for this nonsense, but they do. And I wouldn’t care except that it hurts their chances of persevering to forge healthy habits that become sustainable lifestyles.

No lollipop will melt your belly fat. No rubber vest will give you six-pack abs.


Eat right, exercise, sleep plenty, and hydrate. Consistently. Over time.

You know this.

If there’s ever a so-called “miracle” drug that really burns body fat and sculpts muscle, it’ll be all over the news and available only from a doctor, not advertised in tabloids and sold in strip malls.

Let’s keep it real!

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